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About this wiki
Gexpedia is a comphrensive of database of information based on the mascot platformer series, following various adventures of the titular character, Gex. The wise-cracking gecko and his battles against his arch nemesis, Rez. Exploring the world of the Media Dimension, filled with references to popular culture revolving around television and films. The wiki has been established since 7th January 2009 by Wardie1993 and it is #1 encyclopedia for everything related to the franchise.

Featured Article

"Gex Jr." is the colloquial name given to a canceled game concept by ImageBuilder Software. It was pitched to Eidos Interactive as a follow-up to Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko, and was being developed for the Sony PlayStation. The prototype demo of the game was dumped by Internet user, justz00t, on April 2nd, 2022.


How you can help out?
There are many ways that you can contribute to the Gex wiki today:

📺 Becoming an editor and look at the Gexpedia To-Do-List to see what you can complete.

📺 Expanding the article stubs and include their setting or inspiration to improve the articles.

📺 Cleanup the pages on the wiki. Adding strategy guides to the level articles on the wiki.

📺 Providing up-to-date images and information to the articles for better quality. Especially for the Gex level articles.

📺 Help with sharing what is the inspiration for certain enemies and the strategy required to defeat them.

📺 Starting the wanted pages/articles is needed on the wiki: Penguins, Ghostly Knight, Phantom Hand, Mining helmet, Catcus, Gunbot, Rouge Mech, Kungfu4, Kungfu5, Rez6 , Secret2 , Secret3, Secret4 , Secret5 , Secret6 , Secret7

If you need any help or guidance, contact the following admins:

Community News

12/7/2023 - Were you expecting someone else? Gex is back baby! That's right. It's been revealed today that Gex trilogy remastered has officially announced by Limited Run Games. It's also being made in the Carbon Engine, with planned releases on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and Steam. It's a great time to be Gex fan! We have done it everyone. Our favourite gecko is in the spotlight again!
Watch the trailer if you haven't already!

Quote of the Month
"Were you expecting someone else?"
— Dana Gould (GEX-LRG trailer)

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